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thatchen Gormglaith
gormglaith by heidi wyss

I highly, highly recommend it to anyone [...] Very feminist, very lesbian, very goth, and very very cool.
- dragonflymary,

Heidi Wyss' Gormglaith, a techno-gothic, speculative lesbian novel, has quietly amassed a small but devoted contingent of followers on the web. Lovers of skin like Gormglaith's kinky illustrations and the Sapphic love shared between its characters, while would-be etymologists can delight in the challenging polyphony of Celtic, Norse, Old English, and hacker argot.

The plot, such as it is, orbits around its titular character, the enigmatic Gormglaith, over the five days following her discovery of the circumstances of her birth.

The scope of Wyss' world building, augmented by [...] a glossary at the book's end, recalls the work of gender-bending speculative fiction writers Ursula LeGuin and Joanna Russ. Russ' The Female Man in particular springs to mind, sharing with Gormglaith a future bereft of the Y chromosome.

There are moments when Wyss the linguist becomes Wyss the poet, deftly splicing disparate tongues to fashion a feast to the ears [...] the delivery is pitch perfect, the cadence something like music. When Wyss is on, the results can be explosive.
- Andrew MacDonald,

The other night on being asked [...] "What do you think will be the most amazing thing you'll see in your lifetime?" I considered a bit, probably going cross-eyed with effort [...] I cast about for nanobots or cyborgian implants or space colonies, believing at least in orbital space station hotels which will be sooner than we think. But no. What it will be is just that things will pass us up. We won't understand them anymore, or the way people are. It will be people and how they act, and how they are. They'll be so "continuous partial attention" that we won't get their art, or what it is that they're doing that has meaning or how it's productive. They'll be like... Have you read Gormglaith?
- Badger Hemulen,

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